Hybrid nail polishes packaged in compact palettes are something that has never been seen before. Perfectly curated color combinations in each palette are the ideal solution for anyone who loves something new. With our hybrid nail polish palettes, everyone can create a manicure just the way they like it. Hybrids in a compact format are a simple and fast way to achieve a flawless look without flooded cuticles. No wasted nail polish, you'll use this product to the very end. Ideal for both nail art and classic styling options. The compact palette takes up very little space, so your nail polishes will always be in their place.

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Abrasive articles

We produce nail files, buffers and med caps necessary for work at beauty salons. In our factory we produce over 100 000 pcs of abrasive articles. As the first one we implement #SafetyPackage, nail file in eco foil and sterilized nail files.

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